We were founded to provide access to some of Vermont's most beautiful and pristine bodies of water. The main idea is to ensure an enjoyable trip at a reasonable price to people who love interacting with nature from nature's point of view. We provide non-motorized watercraft which allows you to get much closer without disturbing the flora and fauna of these amazing waterways and the areas that surround them.

Rental Tandem Kayak

$35.00 /Boat Includes all taxes, pfd, paddles

Rental Solo Kayak

$25.00 /Boat Includes all taxes, pfd, paddle Solo Kayak with varieties to pick from

Rental Canoe

$40.00 /Boat Includes all taxes, pfd, paddles

Boat shuttle

$10.00 /Boat Allow us to help you taxi our boat or yours to the Reservoir or Lefferts Pond launch area.

Bringing friends and you have your own boat? We can accommodate that. Bring it along, and we will fill in the necessary fleet. Allowing us to keep you altogether, allow you to bring fewer cars to the area, socialize on the ride in, and at the end of your journey, less fuss on collecting gear and cars.

The Chittenden Reservoir

The Chittenden Reservoir is a 750-acre reservoir surrounded by Green Mountain National Forest in the midst of the Crossroads of Vermont region. The reservoir was developed in 1909 by damming East Creek for power generating purposes. Chittenden Reservoir is extremely popular with nature fans. The seven-mile shoreline with its many coves and small bays is ideal for canoes and kayaks. The lake and surrounding forest land are home to many animals including moose, loons, bald eagles, osprey, beavers, many species of waterfowl, such as black ducks and mergansers, black bear, white-tailed deer, red fox, river otter and many, many more. The entire area around Chittenden Reservoir is the kind of natural paradise the city-dwelling nature lover can only dream about.

Lefferts Pond

Lefferts Pond covers 55 acres and is 10-12 feet deep located in the Green Mountain National Forest. Lefferts Pond is a beautiful gem providing a magnificent view of Pico and Killington Mountains with reflections of them in the calm water. A bird lover's paradise with over 115 species tallied here. As a bonus, moose, otter, beaver and mink are frequently seen around the pond. Moose watching is a favorite excursion among those visiting the Green Mountain National Forest. The American moose is the most loved and highly sought after inhabitant of this forest. Moose sightings take place mostly during dusk or at dawn. These animals are active during the night. They are generally seen in groups and even though they might seem tame, it is advisable to keep a distance while watching them. Only non-motorized boats are allowed on Lefferts Pond making it ideal for kayaking.

Water Stewardship

  • Be respectful of other users
  • Respect private landowners
  • Leave no trace-carry in-carry out all trash


A credit card can hold equipment so it is there when you come.

Pay as you wish at the counter.

This card is not run unless you do not show.

A 24 hour notice is required for cancellation.

Changes to the reservation must be by 9AM the day of.

Reserved equipment will be held for up to one hour after your reservation time unless you have made contact with us

Phone: 802-282-7032

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